A very long running quarterly bulletin series with each issue containing a series of articles to provide a record of progress relating to agricultural, mineral and other industries, with special reference to the utilization of the raw materials of the Dominions, India and Colonies. Articles were mostly about a particular mineral resource in a particular country e.g.: The graphite deposits of Ceylon; Diamonds in the Gold Coast; Bauxite in Tasmania. The series ran from Bulletin No. 1 in 1903 to No. 46 in 1948. In the late 1940s a Colonial Development and Welfare Fund was set up to pay for expansion of services in the poorer colonies. To control the geological part, the Directorate of Colonial Geological Surveys was set up in 1947. The Imperial Institute Bulletin was superceded by the series 'Colonial Geology and Mineral Resources' which itself ran to 1957 to be replaced by the Overseas Geology and Mineral Resources.