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Title ICSU/SCOR Working Party 31 symposium, Cambridge 1970: The geology of the east Atlantic continental margin, 4: Africa
Ref no CF70/16
Author Delany, F.M.
Year of publication 1970
Abstract Contents: Geomorphology, structure, and sediments of the continental shelf and upper slope off Portuguese Guinea, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. Seismic refraction measurements on the continental shelf between the Orange River and Cape Town. Recent sediments of the south west African shelf. The geology of the South-West African continental margin: a review. The continental margin between the Canary and Cape Verde Islands and symmetries with. eastern North America. The geology of the Angola coast and continental margin. The continental shelf between Cape Town and Cape Agulhas. The geology of the Niger delta area. The continental margin from Cape Palmas to Lagos: bottom sediments and submarine. morphology. The geology of the continental margin between Dakar and Cape Palmas. Continental margin structure in the Canarie.s Marine geological studies on the north-west African margin: Rabat-Dakar. Sedimentation on the West African shelf. The continental margin off the Ivory Coast and Ghana. The composition of the glauconitic and hydrogoethite-chamosite-glauconite sediments of the West African shelf.
Publisher HMSO
Place of publication London
Series Report Institute of Geological Sciences
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