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Title Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Great Britain. No. 21
Ref no CB21
Year of publication 1964
Abstract Contents: The Geological Survey exploratory borehole at Canvey Island, Essex (with contributions by RV Melville and the late WN Croft). Geophysical investigation of seismic shot-holes in the Cheshire basin. The Kamiform deposits near Carstairs, Lanarkshire. On the attenuation of the Coal Measures in the south-east part of the South Wales Coalfield. The Limestone Coal Group of the Douglas Coalfield, Lanarkshire. A study of part of the margin of the Carboniferous Limestone 'massif' in the Pin Dale area of Derbyshire (with list of fossils, fossil localities, and borehole logs).
Publisher HMSO
Place of publication London
Series Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Great Britain
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