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Title Geodiversity of the Cairngorms National Park
Ref no OR/10/019
Author Barron, H.F.; Gillespie, M.R.; Merritt, J.W.
Year of publication 2010
Abstract This report describes the results of a desk-based geodiversity audit of the Cairngorms National Park commissioned by the Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) and jointly funded by the British Geological Survey (BGS). It represents a first pass at selecting the most important localities for Local Geodiversity Sites in the Cairngorms National Park, based on available information and local knowledge of BGS geologists. Thirty-five bedrock geodiversity sites (including 23 Geological Conservation Review Sites) and fifty-four Quaternary sites (including 38 Geological Conservation Review Sites) are proposed as Park geodiversity sites. These sites should not be regarded as the final definitive list, but as a framework to which additional sites can be added as more information becomes available. The main outputs from the project are GIS and database files of the geodiversity sites.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Edinburgh, UK
Series Open Reports
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