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Title GMES-service for assessing and monitoring subsidence hazards in coastal lowland areas around Europe
Ref no OR/11/068
Author Bateson, Luke.
Year of publication 2011
Abstract The objective of the pilot harmonisation review is to review the pilot studies at kick-off and ensure that a harmonised approach to the development of the SubCoast services is used. This document is a plan and sets out a framework to which the pilot harmonisation will be carried out. The plan is an evolving document that has been created with input from the work package three leader, each of the pilot study leaders, InSAR providers and the validation work package leader. This pilot harmonisation team, who will later become the Product Validation Workgroup, are responsible for reviewing the pilot studies and ensuring that they take a harmonised approach to the development of the SubCoast services. In this document we outline how the pilot harmonisation team will work together, including how information will be passed amongst the team and when meetings will take place. The document also lists each of the objectives of the harmonisation process and a plan for how these objectives will be met is presented. The plan includes the work required, the deliverables, the timing of the deliverables and who will be responsible for the work. Several harmonisation tasks have already started; the preliminary outcomes of these tasks are included as annexes in this document.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Series Open Reports
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