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Title User guide for the BRITPITS GIS dataset : British Geological Survey report OR/13/016
Ref no OR/13/016
Author Cameron, D.G.
Year of publication 2013
Abstract The BGS BRITPITS database contains records of mineral workings covering the whole of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The coverage includes active, inactive, dormant and ceased sites and also a range of mineral operations, including mines, quarries, onshore oil and gas fields, together with wharfs and rail depots handling mineral products and industrial processes which produce a mineral product. Until 2010 the data coverage of active, inactive and dormant sites was systematically updated yearly on behalf of the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) by surveying local authorities and industry sources. Since then ad hoc enquiries have been made to various Planning Authorities, and the Minerals industry. Currently (2012) BGS is conducting a systematic survey of former mineral workings using historical Ordnance Survey mapping and BGS field mapping to locate ceased mineral workings.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Nottingham, UK
Series Open Reports
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