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Title Updated intensity attenuation for the UK : British Geological Survey report OR/13/029
Ref no OR/13/029
Author Musson, R.M.W.
Year of publication 2013
Abstract For many purposes, including seismic hazard and risk calculations, it is useful to be able to estimate the expected intensity value at a place as a function of magnitude and distance. Such a model was published by Musson (2005), relating intensity to local magnitude and hypocentral distance, based on a dataset comprising 727 isoseismals from 326 British earthquakes, including both modern and historical events, up to 1 October 2002, though for the preferred equation only a subset of this dataset was used. This update adds more data from earthquakes that have occurred since then, up to 1 June 2013. More importantly, the model is recast in terms of moment magnitude. The preferred result is I = 3.50 + 1.28 Mw - 1.18 ln R This is derived from a subset of the total dataset, discarding data for intensity 2 (poorly constrained) and using only earthquakes with at least two isoseismals.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Nottingham, UK
Series Open Reports
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