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Title Stratigraphical interpretations of Chalk Group macrofossils from Sheet 254 (Henley-on-Thames) : autumn 2013 : British Geological Survey report OR/14/009
Ref no OR/14/009
Author Woods, M.A.
Year of publication 2014
Abstract This report describes interpretations of Chalk macrofossils for 49 localities in the Henley-on- Thames district (Sheet 254). The lithostratigraphical units identified comprise: Holywell Nodular Chalk, New Pit Chalk, Lewes Nodular Chalk and Seaford Chalk Formation, spanning the Turonian and Coniacian stages and Mytiloides spp., Terebratulina lata, Plesiocorys (Sternotaxis) plana, Micraster cortestudinarium and lower Micraster coranguinum biozones. This work is in connection with a strategic survey of Chalk Group lithostratigraphy on the northern flank of the Thames Basin, to permit high-resolution facies modelling of the Chalk of southern England.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Nottingham, UK
Series Open Reports
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