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Title Measuring radon in water using a portable liquid scintillation counter
Ref no OR/09/006
Author Abesser, Corinna.
Year of publication 2009
Abstract This report describes the development of a method that measures radon in waters using the portable liquid scintillation counter TriathlerTM (HIDEX Oy, Turku). The work is presented in six parts. Part 1 provides some background to this study and outlines its objectives. Part 2 describes the instruments and methods that were used during method development, including field-based as well as laboratory-based techniques. In part 3, the results of this study are presented for two extraction methods. Problems that were encountered during the sample collection, preparation and analysis are discussed and the methods are evaluated in the context of potential hydrogeological applications. Part 4 to 6 of the report outline the limitations of the method, give recommendation for future work and summarise the findings and final conclusions.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Nottingham, UK
Series Open Reports
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