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Title Geology in south-west Scotland: an excursion guide
Ref no ZZ1966
Author Stone. P.; Akhurst. M.C.; Barnes. R.P.; Brand. P.J.; Fettes. D.J.; Floyd. J.D.; Gallagher. M.J.; Hughes. R.A.; McAdam. A.D.; McMillan. A.A.; Monro. S.K.; Phillips. E.R.Boland. M.P.; Chisholm. J.I.; Merriman. R.J.; Rushton. A.W.A.; Tunnicliff. S.P.; White. D.E.; British Geological Survey Edinburgh Geological Society.
Year of publication 1996
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Keyworth
Series Miscellaneous publications of the Geological Survey/Institute of Geological Sciences
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