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Title British Geological Survey : the legislative framework
Ref no OR/11/019
Author Bowie, R.
Year of publication 2011
Abstract Since shortly after its inception in 1835 the Geological Survey has had the support of a number of statutory rights to obtain geological and other scientific information to ensure that it could carry out its role as a National Survey. These rights also carry with them the obligation to maintain records of this work and to make it available to government and the public. As the work of the British Geological Survey and its precursors has mainly been carried out for and funded by Government its records are covered by Public Records legislation. The Freedom of Information Act, the Lord Chancellors Codes of Practice and the Environmental Information Regulations set out further obligations and provide guidance for good practice. The more recent Statutory Instrument 2009 No. 1744 has restored Public Records Body status on the Research Councils and brings them all within the scope of the Public Records Act.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Series Open Reports
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