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Title Volcanic hazards in Tanzania : British Geological Survey report OR/14/005
Ref no OR/14/005
Author Vye-Brown, C.; Crummy, J.; Smith, K.; Mruma, A.; Kabelwa, H.
Year of publication 2014
Abstract This report is the published product of a study by the British Geological Survey (BGS) to summarise: the current knowledge, monitoring and management of volcanic hazards in Tanzania; a preliminary fieldwork visit to Mt Meru to investigate opportunities for more detailed characterisation of Holocene volcanic activity; and scope out opportunities for research and collaboration on volcanic hazards in Tanzania. Whilst monitoring of activity, analysis of past activity, and characterisation of volcanic hazards and risk is being conducted in high-resolution in some countries, there are many which have little available data or resource to conduct such research. The East African Rift is one such example. This is a record of our first data collation for Tanzania to capture the current monitoring situation, knowledge of past eruptive activity and unrest, and in-country capacity for volcanic hazard management. The data has been collated for analysis and inclusion in the next Global Assessment Report to be published by the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR) in 2015 (GAR15). The data summarised here will be presented as the Tanzanian Country Profile as part of the contributory papers for the GAR15 report. We present the Mt Meru example here as a case study for potential research that BGS could conduct prior to the next GAR report due in 2017. This would have merit both as a blue skies research project, as Mt Meru hosts one of the largest debris avalanches on Earth, and as an applied hazard project supporting capacity development, as Meru shows recent volcanic activity that poses a threat to the large local population living in and around the volcano and tourists who visit this area in large numbers every year.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Nottingham, UK
Series Open Reports
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