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Title Channel geometry data set for the northwest Scottish Highlands : British Geological Survey report OR/15/040
Ref no OR/15/040
Author Whitbread, K.
Year of publication 2015
Abstract This report provides the channel geometry data set to accompany the paper 'Substrate, sediment and slope controls on bedrock channel geometry in postglacial streams' by Whitbread et al. (2015), published in the Journal Geophysical Research - Earth Surface (available from The data set includes reach average channel geometry data (width and depth) for 139 reaches in the River Elchaig, River Canaird and River Carron (Dornoch Firth) in the northwest Scottish Highlands. The study reaches are classified according to the main substrate making up the banks and bed of the stream (Alluvial, Mixed bedrock - alluvial and Bedrock). Whitbread et al. (2015) use these data to assess differences in the downstream scaling of channel width and depth with catchment area (or discharge) for reaches developed in different substrates, and analyse the roles of slope and sediment in constraining channel geometry.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Series Open Report Series
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