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Title Regional and catchment scale groundwater models of the superficial deposits underlying the Moray Ness area : initial results
Ref no OR/11/024
Author Vounaki, T.; Hughes, A.; MacDonald, A.
Year of publication 2011
Abstract This report describes the groundwater modelling work that was carried out as part of a BGS research programme on Quaternary Mapping and Modelling in the north of Scotland. The report describes the recharge model, the regional groundwater model and the catchment groundwater model. The work involved using GSI3D models at two scales (regional scale along the coastal strip of the Moray Firth and catchment scale where the River Findhorn flows over superficial deposits) as the basis for the geometry of the model layering and hydraulic conductivity distribution. This is novel and shows that geological models can be used to parameterise groundwater flow models. The project produced a preliminary model which showed potential and requires improvements to the steady-state groundwater flow model and the introduction of time variant behaviour to complete. Any future development of the model should be informed by a particular question or issue. This should be developed in conjunction with the appropriate stakeholders.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Nottingham, UK
Series Open Reports
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