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Title The stratigraphical framework for the Palaeogene successions of the London Basin, UK
Ref no OR/12/004
Author Aldiss, D.T.
Year of publication 2012
Abstract This document is the formal statement of the lithostratigraphy of Palaeogene1 The unit descriptions will also appear in the BGS Lexicon of Rock Unit Names ( deposits of the London Basin, in south-east England, as adopted by the British Geological Survey. It contains a review of the nomenclature used in BGS publications, including maps, and sets out the currently preferred scheme. This review draws heavily on the work of BGS staff, including that published outside BGS, as well as publications and some unpublished work from outside BGS. (Section 1.5), although as time passes the content of the Lexicon may be revised or expanded.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Series Open Reports
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