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Title User manual for the layered R-theta numerical model
Ref no OR/07/029
Author Mansour, M.M.; Hughes, A.G.; Spink, A.E.F.
Year of publication 2007
Abstract This user manual introduces the finite-difference radial flow model developed by the British Geological Survey and the University of Birmingham. The cylindrical shape of the three-dimensional model grid is best suited to simulate groundwater flows converging to a pumped borehole. The main application of the radial flow model is therefore to simulate groundwater flows to analyse pumping test results. This allows: � The estimation of the hydraulic parameters of an aquifer. � The determination of the yield and efficiency of a pumped borehole. � The design of pumping tests in terms of the determination of abstraction duration, time required to monitor the groundwater head recovery and the positioning of observation boreholes. � The radial flow model also simulates the effects of rivers on pumping test results. This allows investigating the river-aquifer interaction. � Ultimately, the radial flow model helps improving the conceptual model of the aquifer system. The manual starts by describing the basic flow equations used to build the radial flow model and their conversion into numerical form. Sections 2 and 3 are dedicated for this purpose. The users may want to apply the model directly and to read these sections later. In this case they may proceed to Sections 4 to 8. However, it is highly advisable that users familiarise themselves with the background of the model because this helps them improve their understanding of the model behaviour and the meaning of the produced results and consequently the analysis of the pumping test results. Section 4 describes the capabilities of the radial flow model. Section 5 describes how to install and run the model. Section 6 describes the model input files. Section 7 describes the model output files. Section 8 gives three tutorials that are designed to help the user to control the model and simulate groundwater flows in complicated aquifer systems.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Series Open Reports
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