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Title Aggregates safeguarding map of South-East Wales
Ref no OR/12/025
Year of publication 2012
Abstract Aggregates Safeguarding Map of Wales - As mineral resources are finite and are not evenly distributed, knowledge about their whereabouts is essential for making effective and sustainable planning decisions that consider the needs of future generations. Access to mineral resources can be prevented or restricted (sterilised) by non-mineral development and the process of 'mineral safeguarding' ensures that this does not occur unnecessarily when planning applications are determined. An effective safeguarding system requires the adoption of 'mineral safeguarding areas' and the adoption of suitable policies through which development is managed in these areas. The aggregates safeguarding maps have been compiled to assist Mineral Planning Authorities (MPAs) in the delineation of aggregates safeguarding areas in Local Development Plans.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Nottingham, UK
Series Open Report Series
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