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Title Engineering geology of British rocks and soils : Lias Group
Ref no OR/12/032
Author Hobbs, P.R.N.; Entwisle, D.C.; Northmore, K.J.; Sumbler, M.G.; Jones, L.D.; Kemp, S.; Self, S.; Barron, M.; Meakin, J.L.;, 10.
Year of publication 2012
Abstract The report begins with an introduction and a detailed modern assessment of the geology of the Lias Group in terms of both stratigraphy and lithology. The modern lithostratigraphy is placed in the context of the old, and sometimes more familiar, usage. The next two chapters deal with the mineralogy of a suite of samples collected for the project, and an assessment of the nature and influence of weathering based on a detailed analysis of the Lias dataset held in the BGS National Geotechnical Properties Database. The following chapters cover geohazards associated with the Lias Group, and a brief overview of the wide variety of industrial applications for which the Lias is well known. The geotechnical database forms the basis of the penultimate chapter, geotechnical properties. The contents of the database are analysed, interpreted, presented in graphical form, and discussed in terms of statistical variation and in the light of likely engineering behaviour. The engineering geology of the Lias Group is discussed in the final chapter, borrowing from the preceding chapters. A comprehensive cited reference list and a bibliography are provided. In addition to the large number of technical data provided to BGS, a small data set has been generated by BGS laboratories, particularly in areas where the main database was deficient, and also in connection with associated BGS studies of the swelling and shrinkage properties of the Lias Group. The individual items of data making up the database are not attributed. However, the contribution of a wide range of consultancies, contractors, authorities, and individuals is acknowledged. It is hoped that this report will provide a source of useful information to a wide range of engineers, planners, scientists, and other interested parties concerned with Lias Group materials. It should be noted that whilst quantitative technical data are included in this report, these should not be used as a substitute for proper site investigation.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Series Open Reports
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