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Title The physical and human landscape of the Yorkshire Wolds : its geological and archaeological heritage : YGS fieldtrip guide 21st June 2008
Ref no OR/08/047
Author Price, S.; Ford, J.; Myerscough, R.; Neal, C.
Year of publication 2011
Abstract The Yorkshire Wolds represents a truly distinctive landscape. Its meandering network of dry valleys, rolling hills and abundant earthworks reflect a long and varied history of geological and archaeological events. Geological processes, including the effects of the last ice age, have provided the fertile soils, building materials and sources of water that have supported human settlement. In turn, human processes, from the Mesolithic onwards, have sculpted the landscape to produce the range of field systems, earthworks and ditches that we see today. This field trip aims to examine the Chalk foundations of the Wolds and subsequent key archaeological processes and settlements. It will aim to investigate the geological factors that may have influenced the location of settlements and earthworks. Most importantly, the field trip aims to illustrate how geological and archaeological processes act together to shape the character of the landscape and countryside that define the Yorkshire Wolds.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Series Open Reports
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