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Title Eddleston Water Floodplain Project : data report
Ref no OR/12/059
Author O Dochartaigh, B.E.; MacDonald, A.M.; Merritt, J.E.; Auton, C.A.; Archer, N.; Bonell, M.; Kuras, O.; Raines, M.G.; Bonsor, H.C.; Dobbs, M.
Year of publication 2012
Abstract This report describes work done to characterise the shallow (Quaternary) subsurface environment (geology, hydrogeology and soil hydrology) of a new environmental experimental site at Eddleston, Scottish Borders, and presents the data that were gathered during an extensive and detailed investigation of the experimental site. These data form the basis for an in depth interpretation and characterisation of the geology, hydrogeology and soil hydrology of the site, which will be presented separately. The Eddleston experimental site was set up as part of the wider Eddleston Water Project, which aims to reduce the impact of flooding in and downstream of Eddleston. A key objective of the experimental site is to improve understanding of the role of groundwater in floodplain environments and in flooding, and of how groundwater interacts with climate, rivers and soils. The following activities have been carried out and are reported here: '¢ The geology of the site has been characterised by geological re-surveying, trial pitting, geophysical surveying, drilling, and the development of a three dimensional geological model. '¢ The hydraulic properties of the Quaternary aquifer beneath the floodplain have been characterised by test pumping. '¢ Soil permeability in areas of different land use across the site has been established, and areas of completely saturated soil identified. '¢ The hydraulic properties of the shallow (<2m) deposits beneath the wetland area have been characterised by test pumping. '¢ Equipment has been installed to enable long term monitoring of soil moisture, groundwater levels and groundwater temperature.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Nottingham, UK
Series Open Report Series
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