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Title DAEM Model Inventory
Ref no OR/10/010
Author Barkwith, A.
Year of publication 2010
Abstract As part of the BGS strategy (BGS, 2009) the need to develop an Environmental Modelling Platform (EMP) has been identified. The Data and Applications for Environmental Modelling (DAEM) project has sought to scope out the requirements for an EMP. The DAEM project has four deliverables: a scoping study, an outline project plan for the next five years, a model inventory of model codes currently used within NERC, and community building. The scoping study together with the plan for the next five years has been published as a separate document (Giles et al., 2010). This report, an inventory of current Earth science models (and code) used by NERC centres, was created to form part of the appendices for the scoping study (Giles et al., 2010), but has since been commissioned as a separate report. The description for each model has come from the NERC institute indicated in the report. Where a description has not been given, a web search was used to compile the model information. Earth system modelling is undertaken at the majority of NERC centres, however where no information was given, found, or if no models are used, that centre has not been included in this report. Each entry contains a brief description of the model background, capabilities, and references to further information. The contact and use given for each model is specific to that NERC centre or department and therefore there are occasions where the same model is referenced more than once. The NERC contact cited has some degree of experience in using the model and in most cases should be able to answer related questions or direct queries to a suitable person if the required information can not be found via the link provided. The code language and runtime platform are included to aid with determine the ease of model linkages. As many relevant staff in the NERC centre/surveys were approached and consulted as possible. Whilst every effort has been undertaken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this report, it is not necessarily comprehensive and the DAEM project team apologises in advance for any omissions.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Nottingham, UK
Series Open Reports
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