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Title International Summit on Integrated Environmental Modeling
Ref no OR/12/087
Author Moore, Roger; Hughes, Andrew; Gaber, Noha; Geller, Gary; Glynn, Pierre; Laniak, Gerry; Voinov, Alexey; Whelan, Gene.
Year of publication 2012
Abstract This report describes the International Summit on Integrated Environmental Modeling (IEM), held in Washington, DC on 7th-9th December 2010. The meeting brought together 57 scientists and managers from leading US and European government and non-governmental organizations, universities and companies together with international organizations. The Summit built on previous meetings which have been convened over a number of years, including: the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) workshop on Collaborative Approaches to Integrated Modeling: Better Integration for Better Decision- Making (December, 2008); the AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco (December 2009); and the International Congress on Environmental Modeling and Software (July 2010). From these meetings there is now recognition that many separate communities are involved in developing IEM. The aim of the Summit was to bring together two key groupings, the US and Europe, with the intention of creating a community open to all.
Publisher US Environmental Protection Agency
Series Open Reports
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