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Title Development of a geochemical transport model for the Gatehampton abstraction site using PHAST
Ref no OR/09/005
Author Abesser, Corinna.
Year of publication 2009
Abstract This report describes the development of a coupled geochemical transport model for the Gatehampton abstraction site. The work was undertaken as part of the BGS science budget programme and represents an addition to the detailed groundwater flow modelling of the area around Gatehampton undertaken by (Hughes et al., 2005; Jackson et al., 2006a; 2006b). The model was created in PHAST with the aim to provide a tool for identifying the water sources at the Gatehampton abstraction boreholes and for investigating aquifer-river interactions at the site. At the same time, the ability of PHAST to simulate such site-scale problems was tested and this is the focus of this report. The resulting model is very simple, compared to the complexity of the simulated system, but it is able to reproduce the changes in groundwater chemistry that were observed between the abstraction site and borehole located upstream of the site at Wood Farm. Additional simulations, using an inverse mass balance modelling approach were included in the model development to help the identification of potential water sources. The results suggest that additional sources (e.g., anthropogenic/agricultural inputs) influence the groundwater chemistry and need to be considered in future simulations. However, these results are only preliminary and a number of steps need to be implemented to improve the model and to test the validity of the underlying model assumptions.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Nottingham, UK
Series Open Reports
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