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Title Limestone landscapes : a geodiversity audit and action plan for the Durham Magnesian Limestone Plateau
Ref no OR/09/007
Author Lawrence, D.J.D.
Year of publication 2009
Abstract This study of geodiversity has been carried out with the needs of the Limestone Landscapes Partnership in mind. It describes the most important features of geodiversity in the area and brings together details of existing geodioversity sites. It also discusses geodiversity interest at other nature sites, suggests links between them, provides pointers to the most important literature and ancillary information and aims to give inspiration for development and integration at all levels. This study concludes that, for the most part, a selection should be made from those sites that al-ready hold some form of nature or community designation, or are candidates for such designa-tion. Such a selection should enable a very good representation of the world class geodiversity of the area to be conserved, presented, utilised and interpreted. It is felt that it would be most ap-propriate for a combination approach of mainly enhancing existing geological sites while devel-oping some others where the geological interest is not the main reason for designation, for ex-ample the 'places to visit' featured in the MAGical Meadows booklet or other local nature re-serves. The report presents opportunities for development and interpretation of sites, for their integration, and for increased access by the local community and visitors, including people with disabilities. The categorisation of sites in this study should be refined at the next stage of the process by incorporating information from complementary specialist reports and by discussion with stakeholder, professional and community organisations. The recommendations for the geodiversity action plan are intended to provide a stimulus to progress, but will, similarly, benefit from further consultation before implementation. It is essential that the final action plan is accepted and owned by those who will be responsible for its implementation.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Nottingham, UK
Series Open Reports
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