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Title The geology of a small part of the Dodoma Sheet, south of Dodoma, Tanzania
Ref no OR/10/058
Author Thomas, Robert J.
Year of publication 2010
Abstract This geological report is based on a small amount of half-daily fieldwork carried out between 6 and 13 August 2010, during a teaching exercise of between 18 and 30 new recruits at the Geological Survey of Tanzania. It was concentrated along the gravel road that runs south of Dodoma, and is based on only 12 outcrops, but these were studied in some detail (Figure 1). The rocks form part of the Neoarchaean Tanzanian Craton, and a fairly complex geological history was revealed for the first time and 9 new lithostratigraphic units identified (the published geological map of the Dodoma Sheet only shows two pre-Quaternary units: Chadha, 1967). The data were recorded and the geological map created in the BGS SIGMAMobile digital geological mapping system as an ARC-GIS (version 9.2) project.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Series Open Reports
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