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Title Practical applications of medical geology, 19th to 20th March 2009 : book of abstracts
Ref no OR/09/026
Author Wragg, J.; Cave, M.; Watts, M.
Year of publication 2009
Abstract "Medical Geology" is defined as the science dealing with the relationships between natural geological factors and health in man and animals, and understanding the influence of environmental factors on the geographical distribution of such health problems. This area of science is aimed at improving the interdisciplinary interactions between environmental and health scientists. The first British Geological Survey meeting concerning the 'žPractical Applications of Medical Geology'Ÿ was organised in order to provide a common platform for medical geology practitioners to present and highlight successful applications of interdisciplinary case studies. It facilitated professionals, from industry, regulatory authorities and academia, to discuss their findings and identify problems and scientific solutions to conducting such research. Papers were invited on the following themes: Novel methods for assessing the impact of human and animal exposure to potentially harmful elements, organic contaminants and radionuclides. Chemical and mineral speciation controls on the bioaccessibility of potentially harmful substances in soil and particulates. Trace element deficiency problems in human health and agriculture. The relationships between hazard and risk. Geochemical spatial distribution from maps to microscopic scale. Climate change and its impacts on human health and agriculture. Water and air quality.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Nottingham, UK
Series Open Reports
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