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Title Geochemistry@BGS : a guide to geochemical data at the British Geological Survey
Ref no OR/09/028
Author Johnson, C.C.
Year of publication 2011
Abstract This report reviews the main activities in the British Geological Survey (and previously as the Institute of Geological Sciences) that have generated geochemical data. Included are; the mineral reconnaissance programme; regional geochemical mapping; groundwater geochemistry; marine and estuarine surveys; environmental geochemistry and health; radiometric surveys; isotopic geochemistry; lithogeochemical investigations; organic geochemistry laboratories; and many international activities involving geochemical sampling. An indication is given as to where the data resides and who is currently responsible for managing it. An objective of this report is to give better access to the geochemical results and information both for the internal and external users of geochemical data. A list of recommendations are proposed to help give a more corporate and joined up approach to BGS provision of geochemical data and information. The presentation of the geochemical data to the public should be done in a less project-orientated manner. The corporate Geochemistry Database is rather a misnomer as it only contains geochemical data generated by a small number (although very sizable) projects. Other geochemical databases exist but they are not particularly accessible. There is still a lot of geochemical data that is not captured to any corporately supported database. Internal and external reports are one of the major sources of geochemical data and information and this report contains a comprehensive reference list to key BGS geochemical publications.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Series Open Reports
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