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Title User guide : web tool for the initial assessment of subsurface conditions for open-loop ground source heat pump installations (West Midlands)
Ref no OR/12/069
Author Abesser, C.
Year of publication 2012
Abstract This report describes the use of the open-loop ground source heat pump web tool for the West Midlands and provides some technical information on the tool development and underlying data sets. Part 1 provides the background information to this study and outlines the purpose of this tool and the anticipated user groups. Part 2 explains how to use the tool. It provides detailed explanations of the different layers and their meaning within the context of GSHPs. It also explains how to use the results table and the visual summary of the results (Chernoff faces). Furthermore, this section outlines the limitations of the tool and lists the different aspects that are not considered by the tool. Where possible, it provides references and links to additional data sources that address the particular aspects which are not included in the tool. Part 3 provides more detailed information on how the individual data layers were derived. This information is not necessary to use the tool, but is included here for the interested few and for reference. In Part 4, links to data sets and additional resources are given that can help with a more detailed assessment of suitability and the planning of open-loop GSHP schemes. Please note that this tool provides only an initial assessment about whether an area may be suitable for an open-loop GSHP. You will need to undertake a detailed hydrogeological and environmental assessment of your location if you wish to install an open-loop GSHP.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Nottingham, UK
Series Open Reports
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