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Title MEDIN Feasibility Study : archiving oil and gas industry site survey data
Ref no OR/10/008
Author Richardson, A.E.
Year of publication 2010
Abstract This report was commissioned by the Marine Environmental and Information Network (MEDIN) to investigate the feasibility of collecting oil and gas industry site surveys conducted on the UKCS (UK Continental Shelf) for archive in the MEDIN DAC (Data Archive Centre) network. The archive of three principle data types is explored; information about legacy site surveys, catalogues of information about data products associated with site surveys and actual site survey data, which may include a survey report and enclosures and/or a selection of data e.g. side-scan or multibeam, sample descriptions and seismic profiles. The merits of the collection of these data types are explored alongside the cost implications, from both an oil and gas industry contractor's and a marine geoscientist's perspective, thereby enabling MEDIN to better understand and make decisions as to which data to concentrate on. The principles and proposed procedures for carrying out the collection of these data types are outlined however the practical details of these will require agreement should any decision be made to proceed. At this stage a further thorough detailed scope will be required in order to formulate procedures, qualify numbers, define activities, identify resources and plan timescales. The time period for the collection of legacy site surveys will require consideration i.e. how far back it is feasible to collect this information, and whether requests should be phased to include surveys acquired within predetermined time intervals. The size of the actual site survey data holdings, the storage capacity required to archive these and the amount of work involved in processing this data into useable and useful formats will require review. Some of these issues may need to be considered on a case-by-case basis. The procedures themselves will require regular review dependent on the response i.e. the volume, types and condition of data received.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Series Open Reports
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