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Title User Guide Mining Hazard (not including coal) in Great Britain. Version 5
Ref no OR/10/046
Author Linley, Kathrine; Shaw, Richard.
Year of publication 2010
Abstract Underground extraction of minerals and rocks has taken place in Britain for more than 5000 years. A broad range of different raw materials have been extracted, from precious metals such as gold and silver, to sandstone and gypsum using both surface and underground methods. The voids resulting from past underground mining activity pose a possible hazard. The Mining Hazard (not including coal) in Great Britain data layer draws together a diverse range of material derived from geology, which constrains distribution, supplemented by literature searches for historic locations and expert knowledge to assemble, interpret, and organise this information. Mining of coal is specifically excluded from this data set and enquiries on past coal mining should be directed to the Coal Authority. The information for the various sources has been compiled into a digital format using GIS to create a series of seven separate data layers reflecting distinct categories of mining. Each of these is the result of extensive research, specialist understanding and development and application of an appropriate method of data capture. Information relating to individual polygons is stored in an attribute table and the classifications used are described below.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Series Open Reports
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