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Title Enkoping Esker Pilot Study : workflow for data integration and publishing of 3D geological outputs : British Geological Survey report OR/17/003
Ref no OR/17/003
Author Terrington, R.; Thorpe, S.; Jirner, E.
Year of publication 2017
Abstract This report describes the workflows for preparing the data for constructing and publishing a geological model of the Enköping Esker, Sweden. This pilot study was a collaborative effort between the British Geological Survey (BGS) and Swedish Geological Survey (SGU). The main role of the BGS was to help prepare the data for the geological model, provide advice about the construction of the model, technical check the model and create the publication methods for the dissemination of the model. The main role of SGU was to construct the geological model using the SubsurfaceViewer software (INSIGHT). The following publication methods were deployed: • Synthetic Geological Model Web Viewer • Minecraft • 2D and 3D shapefiles • ASCII grids (Top, Base, Thickness and Rockhead (base of superficial deposits)) • Groundhog Desktop compatible project files and set up • GeoVisionary v3 compatible project files and set up • Subsurface Viewer files • GOCAD-SKUA surfaces (.ts) – top, base and shells A number of suggestions were made by the BGS to improve the workflow methodology. These included: • Using Groundhog in the initial stages of model development to minimise snapping and model checks in cross-section • Bathymetry would have improved the modelling of the distribution of superficial deposits at the lake bed surface • Using the Unlithified Coding Schema (Cooper et al 2006) for the coding of boreholes • Ensuring that the borehole index information is correct (start heights) which can reduce the error in the elevations when correlating stratigraphy • Looking at stochastic methods for modelling lithofacies in eskers • Developing simple visualisations of uncertainty in 2D based on quantitative information
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Keyworth, Nottingham
Series Open Reports
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