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Title A field based method for pre-concentration of micro organics using solid phase extraction : British Geological Survey report OR/17/011
Ref no OR/17/011
Author White, D.; Williams, P.J.; Civil, W.; Lapworth, D.J.
Year of publication 2017
Abstract British Geological Survey (BGS) have been researching micro-organic pollutants for many years in the UK (Gooddy et al 2004, Stuart et al 2012, White et al 2016) and overseas (Sorensen et al 2015). A hindrance to the research, especially overseas, has been the need to transport large volumes of water back to the laboratory and the worry of degradation during transportation prior to LCMS or GCMS analysis. The first step in the LCMS analytical procedure is the solid phase extraction of the micro-organic contaminants onto a small cartridge. This report details the field trial where by BGS, working in conjunction with NLS, carried out the pre-concentration step of sample processing in the field. NLS provided pre-conditioned sorbent Oasis® HLB cartridges supplied in sealed Corning centristar centrifuge tubes. Water samples were run through the cartridges by the field team using a small peristaltic pump prior to sending to NLS for semi-quantative broad screen LCMS analysis. To check the repeatability and the stability of this method the sorbed samples were analysed in duplicate and replicate analysis was carried out over set periods after storage for up to a month. The results from the duplicate replicates are compared to results from the original water sample analysed immediately after sampling. Laboratory and field equipment blanks were included in the trial to check for any contamination introduced by the sampling method and extraction process. Preliminary results demonstrate that for a large range of compounds, and different types of matrices, this method was able to preserve samples for up to a month. Once the procedure had been validated, it was used to investigate the occurrence of micro-pollutants in a rural groundwater, estuarine waters and a range of surface waters receiving treated sewerage outflows. The work was funded under the BGS Development Capabilities programme, and was also supported by the BGS Groundwater Science programme under the Groundwater Protection team. Analytical aspects of this work was undertaken in collaboration with Wayne Civil based at Star Cross National Science Laboratory (NLS).
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Keyworth, Nottingham
Series Open Reports
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