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Title UPGro Hidden Crisis Research consortium : unravelling past failures for future success in Rural Water Supply. Survey 1 Results, Country Report Ethiopia : British Geological Survey report OR/17/024
Ref no OR/17/024
Author Kebede, S.; MacDonald, A.M.; Bonsor, H.C; Dessie, N.; Yehualaeshet, T.; Wolde, G.; Wilson, P.; Whaley, L.; Lark, R.M.
Year of publication 2017
Abstract Statistics on the functionality of water points from the Hidden Crisis project in Ethiopia are presented. The survey, undertaken in 2016, was focussed on boreholes equipped with handpumps (HPBs) within igneous volcanic rocks in the Ethiopian Highlands (covering approximately 400 Woredas). A stratified two-stage sampling strategy was adopted, and a tiered definition of functionality developed which enabled more nuanced definitions to be reported. The results from the survey indicate: 82% of HPBs were working on the day of the survey (similar to national statistics) 59% of HPBs passed the design yield of 10 litres per minute 45% passed the design yield and also experienced < 1 month downtime within a year. 28% of HPB’s which passed the design yield and reliability, also passed WHO standards of water quality indicators (TTCs and inorganic chemistry). The results of the survey indicate the utility of carrying out more detailed assessments of functionality to help unpack national statistics. A linked survey of the performance of the water management arrangements at water points showed that for 85% of the sites water management arrangements were judged to be functional or highly functional. The Hidden Crisis project is a 4 year (2015-19) research project aimed at developing a robust evidence base and understanding of the complex and multi-faceted causes which underlie the current high failure rates of many new groundwater supplies in Africa, so that future WASH investments can be more sustainable. The project is being undertaken by an interdisciplinary team of established researchers in physical and social sciences from the UK, Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi and Australia, led by the British Geological Survey.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Keyworth, Nottingham
Series Open Reports
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