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Title Geological mapping of Sierra Leone : baseline assessment and next steps : British Geological Survey report OR/18/004
Ref no OR/18/004
Author Goodenough, K.M.; Jones, D.J.R.; Ford, J.R.; Lebbie, J.; Abdulai, J.; Bah, A.T.; Conteh, K.; Jalloh, I.; Jusu, E.; Kamara, M.K.; Kanu, D.; Lahai, Y.A.; Momoh, I.; Sesay, M.; Swaray, A.; Tucker, N.; Turay, E.S.; Turay, A.L.; Williams, B.K.
Year of publication 2018
Abstract Sierra Leone is a resource-rich country, with extensive known and potential mineral and petroleum resources. However, knowledge about the geology of the country is limited, with very little modern data in the public domain, and this hinders sustainable development of these resources for the national good. The lack of data is now being addressed by the Extractive Industries Technical Assistance Programme Phase 2 (EITAP 2) which is funded by the World Bank, and which aims to deliver a national airborne geophysical survey and subsequent geological mapping of the country (World Bank, 2017). Alongside EITAP 2, the UK government is funding the British Geological Survey (BGS) to work in partnership with relevant institutions in Sierra Leone, including the National Minerals Agency (NMA), the Petroleum Directorate (PD) and Fourah Bay College (FBC), to build their capacity to collect, anage and disseminate geological data. As part of that work, a field reconnaissance was carried out across Sierra Leone in January 2018 to assess the state of current geological mapping, visit mines and exploration projects, and to discuss how best to plan and carry out a mapping programme. The field trip was led by three British Geological Survey (BGS) staff members (Kathryn Goodenough, Jon Ford, and Darren Jones) together with 11 geologists from the NMA, two geologists from the PD, and two staff members from the Geology Department at Fourah Bay College. Pauline Scott and Avril Jamieson from the Department for International Development (DFID) joined the first two days of the trip. This report describes the conclusions arising from that field reconnaissance and associated literature review, including a baseline assessment of the current geological mapping of Sierra Leone, and suggestions for next steps. Some information is also derived from separate field visits to the AMR Gold licence area in the Loko Hills (April 2017) and coastal outcrops in the Lungi area (June 2017).
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Keyworth
Series Open Reports
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