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Title User guide for the Biosphere Isotope Domains GB (Version 1) dataset and web portal : British Geological Survey report OR/18/005
Ref no OR/18/005
Author Evans, J.A.; Mee, K.; Chenery, C.A.; Cartwright, C.E.; Lee, K.A.; Marchant, A.P.
Year of publication 2018
Abstract This report is a user guide for the Biosphere Isotope Domains GB (V1) dataset, which includes (1) a GIS layer for strontium, sulphur and oxygen isotopes (2) datasets of strontium and sulphur isotope measurements from samples across the Great Britain - published separately and available via BGS and (3) a web portal for viewing and querying the data. A description of the data, methodology and assumptions used in the construction of the Biosphere Isotope Domains GB map is included in the associated publications for strontium (Evans, 2018) and sulphur (Chenery, 2018). The primary application of such datasets is for determining the provenance of skeletal material; although the data may also be of use in modern traceability studies of fauna and flora.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Keyworth
Series Open Reports
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