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Title Quantification of phytic acid in grains : British Geological Survey report OR/15/070
Ref no OR/15/070
Author Reason, D.A.; Watts, M.J.; Devez, A..
Year of publication 2015
Abstract This report describes the validation of a cost effective method for quantifying phytic acid in grains, namely, rice and wheat, using UV/Vis spectroscopy. Background information describing phytic acid and its impact on human biological systems and hence the importance of its analysis is included in this report. The validation method involved a range of tests to determine accuracy, precision and reproducibility of the method. Multiple sample matrices were used including standards and spiked samples as described in the validation plan and criteria in Appendix 2. The method employed a commercially available assay kit from Megazyme and was found to give accurate reliable data according to the performance characteristics attained. This method also has the potential for transfer to laboratories with limited resources, in particular developing countries. It is applicable to survey scale and small batch analysis owing to its relatively low start up and running costs, fast analysis time and ease of instrument set up for each analytical batch compared to established methods using ion chromatography.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Keyworth
Series Open Reports
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