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Title BGS Groundhog® desktop Geoscientific Information System external user manual : British Geological Survey report OR/15/046
Ref no OR/15/046
Author Wood, Ben; Richmond, Tanya; Richardson, Jenny; Howcroft, John
Year of publication 2015
Abstract BGS Groundhog is a software platform developed by the British Geological Survey (BGS) for the management and display of subsurface geological information. There are two main components; 1. BGS Groundhog Web 2. BGS Groundhog Desktop GSIS This user manual relates specifically to the Desktop GSIS component of the platform. The software is available under the UK's Open Government Licence, which means the software is free to use, exploit and re-distribute for academic, personal, research or commercial purposes, subject to the terms of the UK's Open Government Licence. Groundhog Desktop is intended as a basic GeoScientific Information System (GSIS*)—a software tool which facilitates the collation, display, filtering and editing of a range of data relevant to subsurface interpretation and modelling. It has been developed by the Modelling Systems software development team, with help and advice being provided by Holger Kessler, Steve Mathers and Ricky Terrington. This manual provides information on the use of the software for external clients.
Publisher British Geological Survey
Place of publication Keyworth
Series Open Reports
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