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Title Project EURISGIC : worst case scenarios (technical note D5.1) : British Geological Survey report OR/14/004
Ref no OR/14/004
Author Beggan, C.; Kelly, G.; Baillie, O.; Viljanen, A.; Ngwira, C.
Year of publication 2014
Abstract The overall objective of Work Package 5 of the EURISGIC project (see website is defined as being: Estimate the largest possible GIC flowing anywhere in the European high-voltage power grid, based on archive data. This document is a technical note (deliverable item D5.1) for the results of this work package. For each of the project team members participating in the work package (FMI — Finland; Neurospace — Sweden; IRF — Sweden; NASA and Catholic University of America - USA; BGS - UK) we summarise activities related to worst case scenario modelling: activities such as research into extreme event statistical methods, theoretical extreme event modelling and individual (historical and hypothetical) event studies. We note that research is continuing and therefore some results reported here are subject to further confirmation in published scientific journals.
Series Open Reports
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