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Title Risk information services for Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in the Caribbean : operational documentation : British Geological Survey report OR/15/001
Ref no OR/15/001
Author Jordan, Colm J.; Grebby, Stephen; Dijkstra, Tom; Dashwood, Claire; Cigna, Francesca
Year of publication 2015
Abstract The primary objective of this ESA project is to raise awareness within the World Bank (WB) of the capabilities of Earth Observation (EO) data and specialist service providers to supply information customised to the specific needs of individual projects. This project was set up within the ESA/WB eoworld initiative to contribute to the WB Caribbean Risk Information Program that is operating under a grant from the ACP-EU Natural Risk Reduction Program. The Caribbean is heavily affected by natural (and geo-) hazards with over 5 billion US$ in losses in the last 20 years (source: CRED database). Figure 1 illustrates the division of natural disaster by occurrence in the region over the last 30 years, providing an insight into the impact in the region over a significant time period. A specific example of the environmental, social, economic and political issues that the project is addressing is highlighted by the effects of Hurricane Tomas on St Lucia in October 2010. The hurricane resulted in seven deaths with 5952 people severely affected, while the cost of the damage was estimated at US$336.2 million, representing 43.4% of GDP (ECLAC, 2011). Understanding and mitigating these “geo-environmental disasters” (as they are termed in ECLAC, 2011) is a primary concern in the region.
Series Open Reports
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