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Title Mobile tools for Windows : user guide : report produced in the context of the Inventory Data Capture Tools Risk Global Component : British Geological Survey report OR/13/056
Ref no OR/13/056
Author Jordan, C.J.; Adlam, K.; Lawrie, K.; Shelley, W.; Bevington, J.
Year of publication 2013
Abstract The aim of this document is to provide guidelines for the use of the digital Windows Mobile Tools that have been designed and built to collect building inventory pre- and post-earthquake events. The guide instructs users how to install the software on a Windows device and provides step-by-step instructions for collecting and managing the data that has been collected. It is expected that the field staff are already experts in collecting building inventory, therefore this guide does not provides instructions how to recognise or understand building structural components. Appendices to this guide also include the following:• A copy of the paper Forms that are used to collect data in the field if the digital Mobile Tools are unavailable • The Photos-4-GEM Protocol that provides guidance for photography of structures in the context of the Inventory Data Capture Tools and the GEM Taxonomy.
Series Open Reports
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