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Title National underground assets and subsurface data : review of use case applications : Iceberg Industry Group workshop : British Geological Survey report OR/20/043
Ref no OR/20/043
Author Freeborough, K.; Bricker, S.; Home, R.; Brammall, N.
Year of publication 2019
Abstract The Iceberg Industry Group represents over 130 organisations who are committed to the improvement of the capture and sharing of information that relates to the subsurface. The open community was formed following the publication of research (Project Iceberg, 2018) into a framework to address shortfalls in subsurface data. The research also informed subsequent programmes, most notably the National Underground Asset Register (NUAR) pilot projects delivered by the Greater London Authority and the Ordnance Survey, funded by the Geospatial Commission (2019). NUAR currently focuses on the development of an underground utility asset register for strike avoidance, with the benefits aligned to Health and Safety related outcomes and planning efficiencies._x000D_ Working in partnership with the Geospatial Commission (GC), the Iceberg Industry Group delivered a workshop (Nov 2019) looking at additional applications and benefits, (over-and-above strike avoidance), that may be realised by the creation of an underground asset register and better subsurface data use. The workshop was facilitated by British Geological Survey and Ordnance Survey. This report presents a summary of the workshop and its findings.
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