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Title User guide : Mining Hazard (not including coal) version 8 : British Geological Survey report OR/20/048
Ref no OR/20/048
Author British Geological Survey
Year of publication 2021
Abstract Mining Hazard (not including coal) summarises the location, extent and indicates the level of hazard associated with former and present underground mine workings._x000D_ The dataset covers Great Britain and is published at 1: 50 000 scale. The content is derived from a range of data sources including, but not limited to the bedrock geology, extensive literature reviews of both published and unpublished documents, abandonment and mine plans, combined with a wealth of expert knowledge and experience._x000D_ The release of version 8 builds on the content of previously published versions. The coverage has been expanded with the inclusion of newly identified areas and drawing on data from the BGS published BGS BritPits and other resources. For the first time, zones of influence have been integrated (for evaporites, oil shales and building stones) to indicate the areas surrounding mining sites which might be impacted._x000D_ The data have been compiled and presented in an easy to use format to provide a national overview of the country's mining legacy. Given the long and complex mining history of Great Britain, this dataset represents the best information available at the present time (September 2020). Work continues to develop this product, which will result in the release of ad hoc updates in the future._x000D_ The information provided in this User Guide is intended to provide a quick-start guide to using and understanding this BGS data product.
Series Open Reports
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