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Title Engineering geology and geotechnical summary of central Glasgow in the vicinity of the UK Geoenergy Observatories field sites : British Geological Survey report OR/19/019
Ref no OR/19/019
Author Entwisle, David C.
Year of publication 2019
Abstract This report presents the engineering and geotechnical properties of the geological units that will be encountered in the Glasgow UK Geoenergy Observatories (UKGEOS) site and environs, Glasgow. The data is from third party ground investigations provided by client, consultants and contractors. The data is extracted from analogue reports (paper or pdf files) or is downloaded' from Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialist (AGS) data transfer file and stored in the BGS National Geotechnical Properties Database from where it was accessed. As there is limited data nearby the proposed UKGEOS sites the data is from a wider area most notably for the deeper bedrock._x000D_ The first part of the report briefly introduces the UKGEOS project and the context of this report. Section 2 shows where the UKGEOS site locations and the target formation for the low enthalpy energy. Section 3 gives the borehole locations of the different parameters. Section 4 is about the engineering geology of the different geological units and includes engineering descriptions, various graphs of the different geotechnical parameters and gives a brief interpretation of the data.
Series Open Reports
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