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Title Risk information services for Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in the Caribbean : mainstreaming opportunities : British Geological Survey report OR/16/006
Ref no OR/16/006
Author Jordan, Colm J.; Dijkstra, Tom; Grebby, Stephen
Year of publication 2016
Abstract This document describes the assessment of opportunities for mainstreaming the satellite Earth Observation (EO) information products / services delivered by the British Geological Survey (BGS) via the framework of the European Space Agency (ESA) eoworld2 initiative. The products /services were delivered to the Caribbean region and the World Bank (WB) primarily via the ‘Caribbean Handbook on Risk Information Management’ project (CHARIM) which is financed by the EU-funded ACP-EU Natural Disaster Risk Reduction Program, managed by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, led by the WB team, and implemented with the University of Twente, ITC and the local users from various Government Ministries in the Caribbean region. The prospect of increased exploitation and additional opportunities in further WB operations, programmes and initiatives is briefly addressed, as is an evaluation of further actions to be taken to further grow uptake of EO products / services across the WB in future.
Series Open Reports
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