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Title User guide for the British Geological Survey Stream Sediment Geochemistry (500m grid) dataset : British Geological Survey report OR/17/004
Ref no OR/17/004
Author Kirkwood, C.; Lister, R.; Fordyce, F.; Lawley, R.
Year of publication 2017
Abstract This report is the user-guide to the content and application of the national scale Stream Sediment Geochemistry maps produced by the British Geological Survey (BGS) at a 500m grid. This map release, referred to as '˜BGS_SedGC_500m', provides the spatial distribution of element concentrations across the United Kingdom as measured and interpolated from the chemical analysis of stream sediments. The purpose of this user guide is to enable those downloading this dataset to have a better appreciation of how the dataset has been created and therefore a better understanding of the potential applications and limitations that the dataset may have.
Series Open Reports
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