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Title Review of denitrification potential in groundwater of England : British Geological Survey report OR/18/011
Ref no OR/18/011
Author Stuart, M.E.
Year of publication 2018
Abstract An understanding of the fate of nitrate in groundwater is vital for managing risks associated with nitrate pollution, and to safeguard groundwater supplies and groundwater-dependent surface waters. One of the main mechanisms to control nitrate is the designation of nitrate vulnerable zones (NVZs). Recent review of the designation process in England has highlighted that in some locations measured groundwater nitrate concentrations are not as high as might be expected from knowledge of the surface loads of nitrate applied at the ground surface. A possible reason for this is that the nitrate is being transformed through denitrification. The aim of this work was to develop a weight of evidence approach to allow the assessment of denitrification potential across groundwater in England using literature and existing groundwater and other relevant data.
Series Open Report Series
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