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Title Opportunities for geological modelling and integrated modelling within the ODA Resilience of Asian Cities project : British Geological Survey report OR/17/018
Ref no OR/17/018
Author Hughes, A.G.; Kessler, H.; Wood, B.
Year of publication 2018
Abstract This report describes the scoping of potential work associated with the BGS ODA Asian Cities and improving their resilience programme. It is aimed at understanding how geological and integrated modelling can address problems identified to improve the resilience of Asian Cities, particularly in India, Malaysia and Vietnam. A series of activities are proposed over a three-year period. These include developing the BGS Groundhog to be applicable to Asian Cities, creating an Asian City Environmental Observatory and applying tools and techniques which can quantify resource flows around cities. Use of integrated modelling to understand the interactions and feedbacks between natural events and the built environment are also proposed. These activities all have to be undertaken with the appropriate stakeholders and seek their approval.
Series Open Reports
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