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Title Taxonomy online 3 : the 'Bernard Owens Collection' of single grain mount palynological slides : Carboniferous pollen and spores part II : British Geological Survey report OR/21/038
Ref no OR/21/038
Author Carniti, Alessandro; Hennissen, Jan A.I.
Year of publication 2020
Abstract The Bernard Owens Collection comprises single grain mounts of some 145, mostly Palaeozoic, miospore and pollen taxa, each represented by many specimens displaying the most diagnostic features of the original holotype diagnosis and a wide range of preservation states and natural morphological variations. It is very likely the most important collection of single grain, Late Palaeozoic palynomorphs. The specimens were collected worldwide but because Bernard's studies laid the foundation of the Carboniferous miospore biozonation across Western Europe (e.g. Clayton et al., 1977; McLean et al., 2018; Owens et al., 1978; Owens et al., 2004; Owens et al., 2005; Owens et al., 1977), examples of the Carboniferous in the UK and mainland Europe form the bulk of the source material of the palynomorphs discussed in the rest of this report._x000D_ This is the second report describing the Bernard Owens Collection, following Stephenson and Owens (2006).
Series Open Reports
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