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Title PhiGO 2020 stakeholder workshop : information dissemination and data portal design : British Geological Survey report OR/20/070
Ref no OR/20/070
Author Mallin Martin, D.; McKenzie, A.; Barkwith, A.; Ciurean, R.L.; Guzman, Ma. A.L.G.; Espiritu, E.; Abano, Engr. S.; Guico, M.L.; Monje, J.C.; Oppus, C.; Yousaf, J.
Year of publication 2021
Abstract This report presents the summarised responses from participants at two stakeholder workshops, held in Iloilo and Pampanga, between 28th January and 5th of February 2020. The workshop focus centred on how stakeholders access hydrological information relevant to their jobs, and the required format that this data needs to take. Participants were asked about their current access routes to information, and their ideal access platform/web portal for hydrological data. This was so that the outputs of the PhiGO project could be tailored to meet as many stakeholder requirements as possible._x000D_ Stakeholders clearly identified several common points for data access and formats across a number of sectors, and both in their professional and personal environments. Stakeholders required that data is predominantly visual, with a strong focus on maps, figures, and graphs, but backed up by information that can be interrogated, whether that be tabular data or summarised reports. Stakeholders desired a web portal that needed to be clean and easy to use, with guidance for navigation and explanation of complex terms. Detailed information must also be readily available, and the data should be available for offline downloading._x000D_ The feedback from these stakeholders will feed directly into the final design of the PhiGO data portal.
Series Open Report Series
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