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Title Trial of "cliff and shore erosion under accelerating sea level rise : user guide" : British Geological Survey report OR/20/062
Ref no OR/20/062
Author Payo, A.; Pennington, C.
Year of publication 2021
Abstract This report describes perceived strengths and challenges encountered with the trial of the User Guide [1], explaining how new indicators of cliff toe sensitivity to sea level rise may be used to conservatively estimate cliff retreat at suitable sites along the coastlines of England and Wales. The authors of the User Guide approached the British Geological Survey (BGS) to test the guide and invited BGS to present their experience during a technical workshop during which feedback from a broader spectrum of peers and end-users was sought. This document summarises the testing process and outcomes. The first part of the report introduces the project, the context and the approach followed. In the results section we have described, for each one of the 53 locations included in this study, the results of applying the User Guide including the description of the auxiliary data used and any pre- and post-processing done. We have used FutureCoast and Coastal Explorer as the primary sources of data. In the discussion section we summarise the lessons learned from applying the User Guide to all sites. We conclude this report with a series of recommendations that should help to maximize the strengths and alleviate some of the challenges identified. In Appendix 4 we include the slides that were used to summarise the results and main conclusions of this report to the broader technical community.
Series Open Reports
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